Monday, 8 July 2013


   Koalas are grey and the babies are grey and brown .the babies are 2 cm less the
   Then a inch.  And the adults are 20 lbs 9 kg. and they are fluffy and soft .

                                              Food and  drink
   Koalas eat leaves from the eucalyptus tree. They eat a lot in the day time. And
   You can hear the munching and crunching. They are very picky eaters. They get
   Water from their  leaves.

  Koalas live in Australia in a eucalyptus tree. they live in dry and hot places. They
    Don’t cope in bush fires. Koalas protect them self by  climbing trees. Cause it is so
    High up and the predators can not reach.

                                                  Koalas predators
Koalas predators are foxes, wild cats, dingoes,

                                                 By Grace

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