Friday, 27 September 2013

my recount

Bup bup bup went my gray and purple and fast scooter as i got to the big park on saturday monquite come over to my house for a play till five o'clock.

first i went to the school and played on the gray and silver monkey bars, then i saw monquite.

we asked if she could come over. momo's grandad he said yes so we went to my house and asked my mum and she said if it is all right with her mum, so me and momo scooted down the long roadto asked her mum. her mum said yes ! yay we went and scooted on the bumy rocks to the school and played there for awhile.

next we went to mr f class and talked to him about stuff. then i stoll a yellow fruit burst and he made my tooth come out.

later me and momo went home and played teachers and other games in my big bed room.

then it was time for momo to go home so i asked if i could take her down the long road. 
we had a fun time !!!!!!!

we had as much fun as a dog chasing a ball !!!

                                                       by grace hannon

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