Tuesday, 29 October 2013


On wednesday 23rd october and thursday 24th october the kauri did there athletics.
I was in the 9 year old girls. first we did high jump.A i only did the 80cm.

then we walk over the the long distances.Nexted the bell rang for moning and we only had 10mins.later the bell rang and we went to mr f and got ready for long distances.then mr f said ready on your marks GO and we raceed off we had to do 4 laps around the field. later he called out how came 1st 2nd 3rd. but i did not come a place but i did not mind i just gave it ago.

later we went to the shot put the went behind our flags. i was number 11 so we watched the people how went next then it was turn i only did a short one. then i had another turn and i hit my flage from last time. 

later we walked to our class to get our lunch. and we had 10mins again. then we lind up in are line and we went to long jump i did well but did not came a place but i did not mind that.

then we went to the discus and miss h shoud as how to do it and i did it a long way but people bet me. then i did it again and i went a little bit fair away from the one i did first. but i did not came a place.

then the nexted day it was sprints and relay races for the sprints i came 4th and i am proud of my self. but i did not do the relays cause miss h did not chosie me !!!!

                                                             by grace

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