Thursday, 3 April 2014

Run bike run

On Thursday 27th march 2014 the kauri team went to westlake park for run bike run. I did it with my friends Chloe and Sharna. first we had to go to the field at school and did the roll the see if everyone was there.Then we had to walk to westlake park and then  had morning tea.   till we got ready for the year 4's races. after we had morning tea we watch the year 4 girls do there race. Then the year 4 boys. Next after that we watched the year 4 teams do there race. Then we saw the year 5 girls race and then the year 5 boys race. Next after we watch that we watch the year 5 teams do there race. Soon it the year 6's ture to do there race. we watch the year 6 girls then the year 6 boys. After that it was the teams. I got ready to run after Chloe did her run and Sharna did her bike.Sharna tag me and i zoomed of running. After i went around the field i cross the finshed line. I so so so tired of running. then i went back to my bag and had a big drink of water and something to eat. Then we watch the year 7 and 8s do there race's and then it was time for the medals to get haded out. From our class it was tamsin in first place in girls races and scott in first place in boys races and in second it was jacob in the boys races.After  all the medals got giving to the winners we walked back to school for the rest of lunch.

by grace

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