Thursday, 25 September 2014

The climber

                                                                           the climber
In texas lived a girl named Maddy. She lived in a farm and loved animals and ROPE-climbing.
But her main focus was climbing. One hot day Maddy got up and ran to the BARN and got her rope and and climbing gear. then she got ready to climb up the barn. When she was half way she CUT her hand on a nail.

Then all of a sudden her rope broke off just as she was at the top her rope that WAS going to get her down was gone. there was no way down unless she jumped. Maddy was scared but it was worth a try.
She got ready and jumped down while going down she close her eyes and dreamed she was in the sky falling into white fluffy clouds. soon she was down not one broken bone.

                                                                               By Grace.

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