Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Uninvited guest

October 31     halloween night

the sound was coming from the basement .

Henry ran to the bendy stair case with the cold stone walls surronding

When Henry got to the end of the stairs his heart was pounding
he was sure he saw the doorknob turn.

Then in the distance he heard laughing
like a little girl having fun.

Henry knew the laughing before but he didn't know who.

It was halloween night and Henry knew that so it wasn't his
mind playing tricks on him.

Again in the distance he heard the voice. His mind kept thinking
it was his daughter that had been dead for 20 years.
But he wasn't sure.

He left the stairs and walked through the basement
he was sure he was close. then in the distance he heard the laughing again.
This time he was very close.

Then it hit him he opened a box and found an old recording of his daughter

                                                       The End
                                               Written by Grace

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