Thursday, 6 November 2014

100 wc week10

                                         ...... as it shivered they..........
         the Creature

   Peppa was walking down the road to get home at 3:10pm
  when all of a sudden she tripped over  something grey,something big,
   something furry and something cold. Across the road were some boys who were
  laughing and making fun her and saying she had a stuffed animal not realizing
   it was a animal that was alive.
   Peppa looked at the creature as it shivered they ..... were still laughing when Peppa
  shouted out ''SHUT UP''.
 The boys stoped laughing and ran away. As soon the boys left Peppa decided to take                           the creature to the local vet incase it was injured.
  turns out the creature was not injured but did not have a family and Peppa could take                           it home. Peppa took it home and her mum was all ok with it.

    The End
By Grace

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