Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Oaklands school 50 years on

Oaklands School 50 Years On

Oaklands has changed in 50 years. It opened in 1964 and is now having  its 50th Jubliee in 2014.

The uniform has changed from a green gym frock to mufti to what we wear now;
a red top that has our school name on it, green cullottes for the girls and green shorts for the boys. In the winter you can wear long pants that are green. The school hats have changed too. Back 50 years they didn’t need to wear hats like we do now. bucket hats or a brimmed hats.

The logo has changed to from an acorn with an oak leaf in the middle to an acorn in a circle.

Oaklands staff has changed too from 9 teachers in 1964 to 27 today.
The number of kids have changed too from about 240 in 580 today.

School Environment
The school environment has changed too
The hall space was a tennis court due to not having a lot of money to build a hall.
Back then in 1988, Oaklands had no adventure playground.
Due to the small amount of kids in the school they did not have many classes.
The field has become smaller over the years because more kids came to the school and more classes were built to fit each kid in the school.

The way technology is now was totally different to 50 years ago.
Oaklands has now got ipods, ipads and laptops. The students can also bring their own devices to school to help their learning.
Each class has a tv now.
Originally they used a hand bell to start and end classes, now we have a bell that is programmed on a computer, to ring at certain times.

That’s just the start of the changes of Oaklands School and they will continue to happen in the future

By Grace Hannon  Yr 6.

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