Monday, 8 June 2015

Cross country (merit must do)

On the 6th May 2015 the Kauri team of Oakland's school went to Halswell domain to do there cross country.

First we walked to Halswell domain.We walked across the busy road after we said hello to one of the police officers that was holding the traffic for use so we didn't get run over.

When we finally got there we sat down on the green grass and waited for the teacher to give us the instruction.

After that we all got ready to walk the track so we knew where to go in-case 
we go the wrong way.

When we got back the year 7/8's played a game that the house captions planed out so we didn't get bored waiting for our race.
Later the year 6 students finished there race and the year 7/8's got ready.
One of the teacher told us what was going to happen.

We had to run 3k's  around the track twice.It was pretty challenging so I ran most of it but when i got puffed I started skipping the track and that help.

Later I had FINALLY finished the race but i didn't come a place but that didn't matter all that matters is that I did it.

When the race was completely finished one of the teachers called up all of the people who came  1,2 and 3 and handed the medals.

When we had finished the medal ceremony we all got our things and walked back to school. While we were walking back we said hello to the a police officer because he was holding the traffic for us again so we could cross the road safely.

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