Wednesday, 3 June 2015

PALS ( merit can do)

Today I did PALS with some of the kakano kids 
I was with my group/partner because one of the people in my group didn't show up so it my just me and my friend.

First we asked some kids if they wanted to play some said no and others came running.Then we played a game of tricky tag. there were only 6 kids playing. Then after a-bit we started playing octopus tag. there were me and my friend in as the tagger first and then the last taggers were the kids who were the last to get tagged.Then some of the kids got bored and left and some stayed so we played a game of duck duck goose.

Because i like being a PAL is because.....I like playing games at lunch and making other kids have a fun lunch not a boring lunch doing nothing.

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