Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Cross country

Briiinnnggg the bell rang and the kauri team ran to class to get ready to go to westlake park for cross country.
Yesterday the kauri team walked to westlake. Later when we got there we had a bit of a snack. Then mr forman talked to us about what was going to happen. after that he showed as where to go  around the park. When we came back we watch the year 4's do there race. Then the year 5's. Soon it was the year 6 girls to get ready to do there race. Soon all the girls got on to the starting line then mr brown said ready set GO and we all zoomed off. People were shouting GO GO. When I was running I was huffing and puffing but i didn't blow the house down. Soon I could see boys running. I was half way when i could hear kids shouting GO GO  you can do it. Later when i got to the end the teachers said i came 27th witch is pretty good for me.

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  1. Well done on coming 27. I like your pictures. I liked how you wrote GO GO in caps.