Wednesday, 4 June 2014

CBD trip

On the 29th may the year 6s went to the city. First room 11 went on the tour bus to see things that got damage in the earth quake we stopped at a place where we saw some white chairs there was 185 chairs they represent the people who got killed in the earth quake. Then we saw the patch where the CTV tower was before the earth quake. At 11:00am we went and got our  morning tea at the botanical
Gardens by the museum. After everyone had there morning tea room 11 went to the museum. Then we got our booklets and we had to answer question about the history of Canterbury so we went around the museum and looked at things that answered the question the first 2 questions were
1 write down the quote above the museum entrance: .Lo. these are parts of his ways but how little a portion is heard of him                                              
2 why did the moa probably not fear the hunters?: maori were easy pray
 Then after we got all the answers for all the questions we went and had lunch at the same place where we had morning tea when some people had finshed there lunch they all ran to a tree to climb
after when people had fun on climbing the tree. we walked to town where the contair shops were and we looked around. then we walked back to the bus and went back to school.

                                                               By grace

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