Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Career writing

Writing goal: Paragraphs are used to group ideas.Clear connectives and linking of  ideas are used.
referring words consistent throughout (eg pronouns) I can role model to others how to use connectives and linking of ideas when paragraphing.

My career goal is became a photographer. Being a photographer is very important job. I have to take photos around the world and on special occasions such as weddings,birthdays and scenery.The job itself can pay me a lot of money if i am a good photographer.I can get up to $35.000 to $100.000 per year. The way i take the photos is very important because in the end the photo that i take might be famous in the future and I want to stand out for younger kids to get inspired. Why i want to be a photographer is because i like taking photos and i get to be my own boss.

To become a good photographer i have to take Art history and visual Arts as my high school subjects because these are some of the required subjects to get me into univeresity and to get me a visual Arts degree. This is important because in the end i could be a good photographer and i could tech others how to become a good photographer.

As well as getting a visual Arts degree i have to make a portfolio of my work and that will get me into a univeresity and a tertiary qualificatoin is strongly recommend because the people who see my work see how well i am at photography and if i am good enough for the job.

I would say some of the attributes i would have are passion and knowledge.
PASSION- I am passionate about my job so I won't go back and change my mind in the middle of learning how to become a good photographer.
KNOWLEDGE- I don't just know to work my camera inside out I have to know how to sort out a problem if i have one around the photography world.

some of the related jobs are........
Artist, Artistic director, photographic developer/printer these are important because if you want to do these you can do them without doing different subjects

conclusion I would like to be a photographer because i get to be my own boss and i get freedom and a vriety of choice on my subjects eg A wedding then the next i do a birthday party. and i get to go to different places eg new York, Paris.

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